Want to Feel the Best You Have Ever Felt?

Our program includes comprehensive, on-line assessments, functional lab testing, drug-free protocol, and health coaching.

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Want to Feel the Best You Have Ever Felt?

Our program includes comprehensive, on-line assessments, functional lab testing, drug-free protocol, and health coaching.

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How We Can Help

We help active, health-minded, baby boomers, get their hands on the functional lab testing and other resources they need to find the missing pieces of their health puzzle & fix what’s really wrong so they can get back to feeling like themselves and living the life they always dreamed of.

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Kimberly Boehm, DNOM

Book a free 30 minute consultation for us to chat and see if we are a good fit to work together.

During this call, you can share your chief complaint and details like, duration of your health concern and the symptoms you experience. I will honestly tell you if I think I can help you or not. We can discuss how I work and what I charge. Then you can make a decision as to whether you’d like to proceed or wait for a better time.

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Finance Your Health
with Advance Care

The quickest and easiest way to pay for procedures and treatments not covered by insurance.

By combining low interest rates with the flexibility you need, they make it simple and affordable to finance your D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® program.

They have products which can help you make your dreams a reality. Interest free periods of 6 to 14 months are available making financing more affordable than you might think. Flexible terms, low interest rates and great customer service. Let Advance Care help you look and feel better.

What are you waiting for? Apply today and secure the financing you need and deserve.

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Debilitating Migraines Gone

“I’ve had debilitating migraines for 8 years and was sinking into a depression but within the first month of my program, I was able to come off my migraine medication and participate in family events again. Your program has been a lifesaver for me and my family.” ~O.W.

Finally a Road to Wellness

After years of doctor visits, expensive tests, and prescription medications too numerous to count I finally found the right fit with Kimberly Boehm, FDN Practitioner. In four short months, I was able to completely come off of my prescription meds, lost 20 lbs. And counting, and was able to increase my energy level by 50%, and improve my insomnia. Putting the metabolic protocol to work for my body type was key. I was given the right knowledge, support, and coaching tools to succeed! I highly recommend Kimberly Boehm. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and very hands-on throughout the process. Her compassion to help others in their quest for optimum health is evident. Look no more, she will be your last stop on the road to wellness! ~L.W.

Weight Fell Off Quickly

“I can’t believe how quickly weight fell off once I started eating for my metabolic type and eliminated my
food sensitivities. Weight was not even why I came to see you but, I feel so good being 35 pounds
lighter that my confidence shot way up.“ ~H.K.

Finished My First 5k

“I entered and finished my first 5K. When you said you’d run with me, I was shocked. You actually ran the whole way with me, never leaving my side, making me feel like we were doing it together. You showed me more than compassion, you showed me I could do anything.
Thank you.” ~J.T.