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Functional Health Group

About Us

Functional Health Group

Our Founder, Kimberly Jenkins-Boehm, DNOM

Kim attended Arizona State University and Mayo Clinic where she studied Nutrition, Sleep, Mindfulness, Physical Activity, Sustainability and Whole Person Well Being. After completing work at ASU and Mayo Clinic, Kim went on to study Mindful Based Stress Reduction at Duke University and Humanities at Harvard. She returned to the Duke’s IM in 2020 completing the Integrative Health Coach Professional Training. In August 2021, Kim graduated as a FDN-Practitioner and is now board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. IIOM and completed her dissertation in March 2023 to earn a doctorate in Naturopathic and Original Medicine (DNOM).

Prior to her own practice, Kim was a nurse with HCA for a number of years working both in both Family Practice and OB-GYN offices.

Kim is the founding member of Functional Health Group located in Ashland, VA. She resides in Ashland, VA with her husband, Ed, a commodity lumber trader for the last 28 years. They have 3 children, 5 grandchildren, 1 dog and of course, Bobo the fish.

Kim practices what she preaches. She is nearly 60 years old, in exceptional health, takes no medication and maintains healthy weight at the low end of the normal scale for her height. She is passionate about educating others about Naturopathic and Original Medicine and the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Program protocols.

As Doctors of Naturopathic and Original Medicine (DNOM), we are not traditional medical doctors, and do not offer the traditional medical approach. Medical treatment involves diagnosing and treating specific diseases and managing symptoms for the most part. We don’t do anything like that. Often your symptoms are not THE problem, but the RESULT of the problem.

We don’t diagnose or treat anything specifically, we work on everything (every cell, tissue, organ and system in the body) in a nonspecific manner removing H.I.D.D.E.N. (hormone, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy production and nervous system) stressors of the body, thus restoring function and ease to the entire body, and the body gets better.

Mal-function, dis-ease, symptoms show up in the weakest link. Relief care can address them for a time but if you don’t find the underlying cause, symptoms return – and with a vengeance – through the new weakest link).

So, unlike medical treatment, that relies on drugs and surgery for the most part, FDN relies on the innate intelligence of the body or what we might also call, the body’s Vital Reserve or Critical Reserve, to return to its original homeostasis state with, behavior modifications and natural therapies which are all included in our D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® program

protocols. I truly believe what the Greek physician, Hippocrates (considered to be the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine) said “General principals of total health building outperform specific treatments for any one symptom”.

So, if you decide to work with us, and we hope you do, because…we’d really like to help you, we will send you an email with all of our intake forms, including a detailed medical history, we will get you some lab work going for you, when it comes back we will review it, look for clinical correlation of the lab results and your “health concern” and then create a CUSTOM “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® ” program of protocols for you to self-treat for 90 days.

We will initially meet weekly or biweekly for the 1st month, then every 3-4 weeks after that you can retest you at the end of 90 days so you can see your progress and/or make any adjustments to your protocols that may need to be made. Retest your food sensitivities after 6 months because that may actually change after you get everything else in balance. You don’t want any inflammation going on in the body that causes your cortisol to rise or immune system to be compromised.

What We Believe

We believe the body has an innate intelligence in every cell, organ, tissue and system and divinely knows how to function perfectly, with ease and without symptoms

We believe that if we return the body to it’s original homeostasis state, it wants to, and often does, return to optimal health

We believe symptoms are a result of the problem, not the problem itself

We don’t chase symptoms, we look upstream for causal factors

We know symptoms are often far removed from the source of mal-function and dis-ease

We know that “normal” lab test results do not mean you feel “normal” they only mean your results fit into the mean range of people tested by large

lab facilities providing average data statistics

We know multiple people can present with similar symptoms but the causal factor can be different for each one

We believe there is nothing wrong with a bit of immediate symptom relief care, but understand that if the underlying cause of those symptoms is left untreated, they often return, sometimes with a vengeance or show up as completely new symptoms. Left unresolved the underlying causal factor can result in malfunction, disease or worse

We believe in a holistic approach to health & wellness that includes Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplementation

We are Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners who can help you identify and resolve Metabolic Chaos.