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Free lecture: Say Goodnight to Insomnia - Port Orange, FL Library

Kimberly Jenkins Boehm, FDN Practitioner, will discuss the effects of insomnia on our bodies on June 17th at 11 am at the Port Orange Regional Library, 1005 City Center Cir. We will learn all about Sleep Hygiene, Hormones, Melatonin, Cortisol and much more. Kimberly will discuss how diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation help maintain optimal sleep.


Kim is a retired nurse and the Health Director of Functional Health Group in Hanover County, VA. She's a popular writer for Reader's Digest and expert panel guest for various podcasts and live events. She is also the author of Til Death Do We Part, a two-part workbook for settling an estate. Reservations are requested but not required for this lecture. Call us at (386)322-5152 ext 4 for more information or to register. Learn more about Kim at

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